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There is a brain veil, so to speak, between our thoughts and the thoughts in the minds of other. Our conscious minds couldn't handle it otherwise and for the most part, we don't hear what is non verbal. 

I'm sure it's similar to the chemical barrier that separates most of us from the vast amounts of stuff in our subconscious. It's there so we aren't bombarded by picking up all the thoughts of everyone around us (narrowband telepathy) or from far away(broadband) or inter-dimensionally (soul to soul). I believe that this veil is thinning however as we are more able to move into living from our energetic reality as opposed to the three dimensional reality that most of us have thought was the whole show.35289835755505-56062dd847458

For those who are born telepathic, it is a way of life that they always have experienced as their normal. Often, this gift has left 'wild telepaths' feeling very overwhelmed, not knowing their own thoughts and judging themselves in ways that confused and condemn them. It's not like we have ever been giving the info to understand or to control telepathic encounters. We arent taught how to temper it down, to filter incoming info through a clear, neutral capacity. They don't know how  to see it as an innate gift that can serve them well. I consider Soulseers as those who have telepathic abilities for sure. Soul talkers, spirit talkers.

Here's how we most commonly experience telepathy in action. My son just text me from Montreal. I am at his place in Vancouver dog-sitting. I was attempting to figure out how to use his newfangled, handheld coffee-press, and his text asked me if I had figured it out yet. Now, he thought of me, and wrote the text. Since we experience everything in spirit first, on some level, he saw or got what I was doing and spontaneously phoned. This is not a conscious telepathic connection, however, it creates fun moments and reminds us of how we are obviously energetically connected. It can be made to be conscious though.

This kind of thing has always happened between my sons and I. We are all telepathic and it is at times, very amusing to know and hear what each other saying telepathically. I believe it's a natural sense that in these times require us developing into a life skill that we can talk to the spirits of others, of animals, of beings without body.  Of all the psychic gifts, this one has been associated to being delusional or insane.  I do think that it's important to both get a healthy sense of self, of ego and on your connection with your greater self before you develop this talent. Meanwhile, keep it simple and learn, step by step, not to fear it.

Imagine being able to communicate telepathically to someone and hear them back. Is that a skill you feel is something you want to evolve into? I'll write more about it soon.