Why I chose Soulseer as a occupation

Intuitive language - know what that is? Well, its another term I just made up to describe all the descriptive phrases, people invent that usually start with, " you are going to think i am/this is weird, but it's like itchy jelly or I saw a boat in the sky with...or I woke up and heard the name 'soulseer'. Describing states of perception, energetic sensations, knowings and feelings that sound rather weird to most people. But not to me, and I believe them. So, I woke up one morning with the name "soulseer" in my head. Thought it was cheesy, yes, but it felt right and rather exciting. You see, ever since I began doing my healing and psychic work over thirty years ago, I struggled with how to label or call myself. Psychic was the same as being a flaky fraud, Intuitive felt inadequate, and seer was pretty much equated with being a witch or even a sorceress. Which, by the way, comes from one working with the source of all. An empath is basically a clairsentient ~ one who feels the emotions of others, of things, animals, spirits, as a predominate talent. A clairvoyant is someone whose main gift is being able to use their third eye to read people, things and look into other dimensions and the future and past. A telepath is someone who picks up on long range and short range thoughts of others. Both mediums and channellers are telepaths, using their gifts for multi-dimensional work A claircognizant someone who is an 'intuitive', using their crown chakra and knowingness to receive information that comes to them. A clairinstinctual is someone who is instinctively perceptive beyond the norm. this comes form the instinctual area or hara centre. They can pick on earth energies, geomantic is another term. So these are all terms, labels and therefore woefully inadequate to encompass the psychic/spiritual gifts that we all own to some extent. So, as a teacher, I think its great to develop all the potential of all our normal and extended senses. We do this by letting our spirit/soul take on the job and simply let it take the actions and responses that it knows are perfect for whatever is unfolding. So we use our whole energy field as one perceptive tool, its a beautiful, wonderous thing. We become Soulseers, seeing from our soul, are true selves. From that perspective, we see all else as Souls too, as beautiful spirits wearing physical bodies, doing the best we can, with what we have got, and where as people ~ we are at.