March 30th, 2017  update Course starts in mid April, 2017

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Embracing Your Psychic Senses


An online course to help you not only become more comfortable and in control of your sensitive nature but learn to use, develop and thrive in life because of it!

So far (before my official page gets finished - very soon) this is the outline'. It's a go at your own pace, in your own way, at your own time.

Introduction to the course materials, overview and a bit about Sharon Leslie

10 modules of the classes

All modules will include a lesson or two, videos, audio meditations and energy work. Plus each module will give examples of how to protect, heal and develop yourself in these areas.  

Module 1: Overview of our aura, our psychic/spiritual powers and many ways to develop and use them to empower, protect and give us advantages that will make our lives easier and more spiritually connected.

Module 2: Psychic training basics/metaphysical correlations/transformational opportunities

Module 3: the continuum of physical senses into spirit senses, looking at retraining and reclaiming the physical senses.

Module 4: Clairsentience ~ clear feeling/sensing.  Sensing earth energies, threats, etc. Primal feelings, Hara.  common sense, motherbond.  empath sense, feelings and thoughts, (first to 4th chakras)

Module 5: Clairaudience ~ clear hearing. spirit to spirit communication, mediumship, channelling, telepathy, healing

Module 6:  Clairvoyance ~ clear seeing, psychic reading, 

Module7:  Claircognizance  ~ knowingness, direct and higher intuition, channelling

Module 8: Clairtastieness, Clairsmellience, and other psychic senses and combinations.

Module 9 : Using all our abilities together

Module 10:  protection, healing and practising


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