Soulseer sessions

Before our first session together

Whether we speak on the phone or do a video styled call, it can be a bit awkward for the first few minutes. Hopefully, we will find a place that is comfortable between us and enjoy our time together.Because I work from spirit, I have found over the last thirty years, that when I have a new client, their spirits rush to me before the session to ‘check me out’.

As an empath I pick up on what state of being they are in. Then, I offer reassurance energetically by sending you good vibes and diffused loving intentions.(think mist, not fire hose). I do not go into your auric space, read, or heal you, as that would be invasive of you without your permission. However, I do adjust my energies before the session, moving into good energy, and connect myself more fully to the source of Infinite Intelligence and Unconditional Love.

If you are sensitive to such subtle energies, and you might be, as you have connected with me, then you might feel some tingling on the top of your head, some warmth around your heart and maybe even a bit of pressure around your brow. All that is normal, it’s you tuning into me. What matters above all else, is that your spirit and human body feel safe with me. Your mind and ego get to take their time to do so ☺

I look forward to connecting with you and being of service.
With love and hugs,
Sharon Leslie