Chelation healing for Tired Bones

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Chelation Therapy Treatment Healing

Long ago, I was participating in a workshop led by a wizard. He was a fine example of a human being, taught me a lot in the short time I was with him. Due to being in a fire, he walked on a leg with no muscle and little skin in its lower half of his legs. Doctors said walking shouldn’t have been possible. He also gave me a twig fallen from one of the sacred trees at Glastonbury. Or maybe Magraw did, his friend and mine.

One of the things he brought was a leather bag filled with bones. The bones were those he found in the wild. They were of animals who healed themselves of serious breaks, fractures and even bones with parts gone healed together again. How were the animals able to heal themselves from injuries so life-threatening? They went somewhere safe, lay on the earth and let nature both within and without them, regrow, regenerate and restore them back to health.

Of course, we can do the same thing.



Bone tired treatment

Today I gave myself a chelation healing in my legs and hips. I felt so much better on all levels afterwards. I didn’t expect to see the results I experienced, it has been quite a while since I last ran this kind of energy. I decided to do it so that I could update both my experience of it and to be able to offer it via long distance healing to someone who presently needs it.

It took me around 45 minutes just to do my lower body and get the flows going. However, I let any excess to flow upwards along my spine and into my ribs, shoulders, arms and fingers and of course my neck and head.

For many years during my healing practice, I did this type of healing hands on. It’s a process healing - which means it takes repetitive treatments to really fully benefit from. Most healing modalities require many treatments, and unfortunately, with subtle healing energy treatments, a lot of people can not feel themselves radically change immediately and balk at the price of doing the ten recommended treatments. Others lives have been restored because they trusted their bodies capacity to absorb the life energy.

So, I now send this treatment long distance or off body to people who come to me for healing. I have chosen to mostly work hands off, because that’s how my healing energy works best right now. This healing modality works with red earth energy and regenerates the vital life force at the fundamental level. Without a vibrant layer of this red layer interpenetrating the health or first layer of our aura, the rest of our body systems begin to wobble. Think of it as the first chakras primal vitality, the foundation that determines our health.

I know this kind of earth energy has benefit me a lot. As a woman of 61, I usually have a lot of physical energy. I have no signs of arthritis, sore joints, or other bone, joint or tissue illness. I believe running the regenerative energy of the chelation healing is one of the major reasons why.


Where did it come from?

Roslyn Bruyere and Valerie Hunt were the first to pioneer this technique and I learnt it directly from Rosalyn. She is an incredible healer and is able to help others regenerate new hip bones, give newborn babies suffering from crack addiction a healthy nervous systems free of addiction. This was done in hospitals under rigorous scientist studies. She lives in LA and has a list of Hollywood stars who she healed from serious illness. She shared that she had done many healings on movies stars like James Coburn (who had crippling arthritis, who she got up and about) and Martin Scorsese. Anyway, what touched me the most was how she made someone dying with only one kidney covered with tumours, not only free of them but totally healthy. She is a sacred elder in many first nations tribes and recognize as a very powerful healer and teacher.

Rosalyn is definitely a hands on healer, in fact she gets right into the hospital bed with the patient and takes on their disease, then releases it afterward. That’s no small risk. The youtube link at the bottom will give you the link to a movie based on her life experience. 

What is the energy all about?

A healing process in which the body is systematically charged with primary red earth energy. This red energy can restore the primary energy of the first chakra; to regenerate and give the essential core vitality so the rest of the systems kick into gear and are able to do their jobs.

It coats, fills  and charges the marrow of the bones with “reddish” etheric energy and in healthy people extends outside their body. It can improve all degenerative conditions, and return our  Nyeart* and the will to live. When the body has the vitality to heal itself, it is remarkable how it returns to balance.

What more regenerative energy in the first chakra gives you

Calms your survival issues, being able to ground, relax, relieves anxiety, consistent energy, supports the heart. 


The healer must know how to run this energy at the rate, intensity and quality perfect to the person receiving it, and direct the energy precisely in most areas, and be aware enough not to overcharge severely deficient or sensitive organs, areas etc. Too much, too fast can't actually be harmful. Like a battery being charged too fast. This requires tuning into the resonance and charge that is most beneficial of the client. Each sequential treatment the body can take more and indeed begins to suck in up like a vacuum, sometimes!

The treatments are a process healing that require a number of sessions for the body to “take to it” and then be able to maintain it on its own. Unless we are living barefoot in the wilderness, we can get cut off from this regenerative power by cement sidewalks, sitting at a desk, stress, etc.

This healing is very useful for those whose ‘Jing’ or the life-force energy we are born with and lasts until we are around forty needs support and ongoing refilling.

I was able to warm my bones today, deeply relax the muscles in my legs. Doing the healing also bring roses to my cheeks, got my circulation humming happily throughout my body and I still have the quiet strength of a calm animal much later in the evening.

Happy to offer you some healing, yet I encourage you to learn how to offer this to yourself. More soon.






More info on Valerie Hunt

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neart (Irish)

Origin & history

From Old Irish nert, from Proto-Celtic *nerto- ("strength, force"), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂ner-to- ("virile, strong"), a derivative of *h₂nḗr ("man; vital energy")