Dancing Amongst the Realms

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One of the attributes of being psychically sensitive is the veils, or separation between the realms, the dimensions are often much thinner than for most people. Some are born this way, some become so through trauma or illness and some develop it because they know it’s part of being a spirit in human form.

Soulseers, psychic sensitives find it natural at times to find themselves in many realms or worlds as the way they experience life.  This mostly means that the astral realms can be contacted and connected without the conscious intention of the sensitive.  Things can be seen physically, heard both audibly and inwardly, and much that is invisible can be sensed. Presences can be seen, felt, heard and smelled.

Traditionally called “walkers between the worlds’ or ‘part-timers’ mystical sensitives find themselves experiencing multi-dimensions simultaneously.  People who are like this are often very unsupported or understood. Often, they are labelled unwell and given drugs to drive them crazy. It takes a lot of strength, to support oneself with this kind of nature, so it is a path that demands a lot of self-knowledge and healing.

To shift into different dimensions for me anyway, is just a shift of attention like changing what i am focussing on.  I was never trained to do it differently.  Now, I understand journeying, preparing, different kinds of trances and of course safeguards like anchors, guardians and making sure you dont bring anything that belongs elsewhere back to this world.  It’s a lot to learn and I consider myself a beginning. Sometimes in the past, when I take my physical body to another plane of reality people can sense me gone and sometimes I can seem to go vague, ghostlike or even kinda dissipate somewhat my human form. Those are usually states of meditation though.10620698_10152251774856290_8200606849248147030_n

I am opening myself more to subtle energies these days, having spent the last 3 years more focussed on outer training and physical pursuits. It’s fascinating to me that as I do so, my desires for material goods, social pursuits or common culture have no interest to me. What I still respond to is love, nature and consciousness. It may sound arrogant to some others, however, its a natural falling away, as the need to become one with my deepest and fullest self is my primary passion.

Since I do not follow any particular path, religion or teachings, my spirituality is guided by my flow in the moment, which is otherwise known as my Divine Path. I simply keep bringing it back to turning it all over to Spirit and ask, feel or follow the next step that shines with spirit before me.

This morning at 5am, the next step was a huge pressure in my throat. It was accompanied by a heightened state of awareness and I floundered around trying to fix, unblock, heal it until I simply tuned into it. Something was calling my attention. It was as if it was a loud pounding on a door, and I was in a deep sleep trying to ignore it. But I remembered I had invited it to come to me. I had asked for a sign, an omen of sorts in regards to something opening for me to do.

10415603_10152265271816290_2929254590353827071_nSo I opened the door and my throat expanded and my head bent back as I channelled, so to speak a large stag bellowing through me. Afterwards, the pressure released in my throat as the message had been delivered. I was left in a state where i could walk into  another realm, lucid and with the consciousness of my clearest self. So I did. I was off to become another aspect of my self, and soon was singing beautiful sounds as I flew and danced amongst the treetops. Such experiences are as real as my everyday life, more real actually. Each journey creates a stronger bridge, a fuller understanding and wonders and marvels that astound and delight me. I know it’s important to come back though, and not leave myself there.  I won’t live this live full of longing, not any more.

The rest is mine to cherish and remember when my spirit grows dull and I forget the truth that puts the sparkle back in my eyes. Besides, I can go there any moment I choose, because it’s always simply a shift.