How Learning Curves Can Feel like Right Angles

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Our learning curves often don’t really seem like curves at all to us! The past seems flat, easy to do as we have already done it, have the skills, lost the trepidation and fear. Risks taken often don’t seem like real risks anymore. However, the future of our learning curves however, seem almost vertical, almost a full ninety degrees – a right angle!


Here’s an example of how we get to learn and grow confidence in ourselves as children.

At first, it took my granddaughter Elfy several hesitant, fearful times across the wriggly~waggly bridge to assess her capabilities. I kept telling her to trust her body and to take her time. Step by step she was able to trust herself and enjoy the wobble as she ran back and forth across the bridge.

Each time she gained knowledge and skill which created confidence in herself. My support helped her believe in herself and to know she wasn’t on her own. To know that I was there in case anything bad happened so I could comfort her and bring to resolution any upset that would make her fretful.  My caring and not fear inducing or non-present attention made her feel safe enough to be carefree and engage in spontaneous play.

Do you know how to reassure and support yourself when exploring new areas, taking risks and even embracing new self-revelations?

Do you give yourself permission to have your learning curve? To let it take as long as it takes, whatever it is? To let go of the pressure on yourself to get it right the first time? Do you negate yourself- not your lack of experience when you fail to meet your expectations? Well, it’s worth learning new ways of showing up for yourself. 

Having reasonable expectations of yourself and getting behind yourself as you take risks and learn new things is a fundamental self-support skill. It makes new things and inner changes more bearable. Then its simply safer to reach out and to enjoy life. 

This gives us more natural resiliency to risk new behaviours. It also adds resiliency to our spirit energies and therefore strength and healthy containment fields to our auras which can greatly increase our levels of vitality and strength.

Many of us did not get this modelled and set in place for ourselves therefore we may find it hard to believe in ourselves, take small risks or prevent a “collapse” of self when it’s becomes too hard for us. A must skill if you are a creative, sensitive, empath and awakening spirit.