Do you have a sensitivity disorder?

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First in a series about Sensitivity Disorders

Well, probably everyone has a 'sensitivity disorder' to some degree. Although labels and medical diagnosis can be useful, we are all unique and must be treated and understood as so. I experience a lot of they psychological models lacking in spiritual and 'energetic reality' understanding therefore really limited in their scope of getting it fully. Still, they are working hard on knowing more and information can be empowering. So we will probably have to educate others on how we experience ourselves and what ways they could be useful and offer beneficial support to us.   Many sensitives, creatives, borderline autistics and survivors have issues with being overstimulated in a sensory way. It may be reassuring to begin to know of some other background grids so you can see what may fit for you and also know you are not alone in your struggle. 

Also, when we further sensitize ourselves through purification rites such as fasts, meditating or going on a creative full immersion cycle, we can further sensitize ourselves in ways that interfacing with life outside of ourselves AND  in our own bodies can be very challenging. We can go in and out of different sensory sensitivities as our kundalini awakens and intensifies as it clears blockages and develops us.

I am going to be blogging about different kinds of sensitivity disorders, below is an article I found to describe the "hypersensitivity and 'hyposensitivity' disorder. It's the first one and I will be blogging on others. Please remember these are terms made by others, also know there are many things we can do to 'desensitize' and change our capacities to 'normalize' or come into our own balance for our highest good and happiness

THE FIRST STEP: You first need to recognize when you are overstimulated by things outside OR within yourself. When you are overstimulated by sounds, textures, energies, it's impossible to feel safe, grounded or get a strong sense of self. So give yourself the  right to withdraw and take care of yourself, as soon as you are able. Reassuring yourself meanwhile in a soothing voice may help you endure your experience until you can.

Here are a few links about it: