Sharon is a unique and profound energy healer.  She had counselled, taught and supported me in understanding my psychic gifts and sensitivities. Her deep experience and perceptive abilities have shown me how to trust my intuition and many ways to heal myself. All is possible.  I am so grateful.

Erin McGregor, Teacher & Business owner

Sharon has taught me how to connect with my Divinity and become aware of working with spiritual energy. She can go into other dimensions and work with deities, angels, spirits and those on the other side and has taught me how to as well. I trust Sharon’s abilities and her intention implicitly.

Pat Barclay ~ Writer and Healer

When Sharon Leslie first started teaching me how to work with energy,many years ago, I didn’t get it. I went along with the exercises and felt envious of what others were experiencing. I stuck with and trusted that something was happening on some level, and it gradually started to become evident that I could feel the movement of energy through me. I was also able to pick up on other people’s energy and create protection for myself that would keep off anything that did not serve my highest good.
This took a few years to accomplish, and now I use this knowledge every day. When I go out into the world and interact with beings I am able to support myself in a way that reflects who I truly am. I give myself healing when I’m feeling unwell and can also send healing energy to others. This has been an empowering process for me and I’m so grateful that I stayed with it through my doubts and feelings of inadequacy.

Susannah Day - Master Librarian, eco-activist, helper

As an empath,  life had been very overwhelming for me and I had to withdraw from it often. Sharon taught me how to protect myself, build up my vitality and gain the perspectives and attitudes that are love based, and with compassionate mindfullness that I now recognize is a ‘soulseer’ way of seeing and being!

Anna T – technology expert, entrepreneur

So far out of all the people I have met in this field Sharon Leslie is the person that I have seen demonstrate energy in a way that I could experience it the most. Tangibly and physically moving it in the body – I appreciate your gift and skill xo

Debra Doerksen – Healer & Medium