We were all born with innate gifts, talents and callings, and we also were given ways to integrate them into everyday life. Unfortunately, many of the traditional ways of our culture have been lost, and we might, meaning the soulseers, be part of the tribe that is bringing them back to help heal hearts and help rebalance the sacred wheel of life on Earth.

It's hard work. It's challenging to be out there in maverick land, being different, weird and so sensitive and so deep. However, it also can allow a very powerful, rewarding, exquisite life experience.

There's no life like it.

Having said that unless we know ourselves deeply, have everyday living skills that help us use our inner nature to create a life that reflects our vision, until we know how to look after our sensitivity and realize we take in tremendous amounts of energy, life can be overwhelming.

I've spent the last thirty years teaching skills to psychic sensitives, trauma survivors and other folk. I want to share what I know so others may have the help, the acknowledgement and validation of their experiences that weren't available for me.

I also work deeply with people and with the work I present.
What good is a spiritual path that doesnt help you throughout the day?