Why Trusting your Intuition is Hard to Do

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Did you know it’s almost impossible to trust your intuition if you have low self-esteem? Why? Well, if you don’t hold yourself in high regard, if you don’t trust yourself, then trusting what you ‘get’ intuitively’ is often really challenging to get behind. 
You see, when we use our intuitive abilities, it’s about who we are, us, whereas if you use a rational, logical process in what you are doing then it can be blamed for the ‘failure’ rather than it being about you being wrong, or worse a flakey, woowoo, space cadet.photo-1441716844725-09cedc13a4e7 2
For example if you can say, well…I followed the procedure, the instructions, the formula, etc.- then its not about you, it’s about the lousy directions. However, if you fear being judged and judge yourself over everything you think and feel, then It means you can’t afford to risk acting on and going with your intuition, your hunches or your gut knowing. You sense of self is too fragile and unformed and being wrong is often devastating. and of course means you are the biggest loser of all time. So when you get that “well the directions say this, but I “get” that it’s too our right, and we should turn right at the next lights…”, well we’ve all been there. We turn out to be right, however, because  we didn’t stand up for our intuition, get behind it, we betrayed it and then we probably went through unnecessary drama and disappointment instead. 
So, if we are toxically shame-based then its not about what we did or did not do, its about who we are. That’s why working on your core esteem issues is part and parcel of going deeper with both your inner work and your intuitive, energetic abilities. Self-trust is the core place to begin to build your courage and self-mercy so you can risk being intuitive, psychic and creative.
Meanwhile try this :
Go to your gut on the next decision you have to make. make it simple like chocolate or applesauce. State your decision and ask yourself what is right decision. Think of one, then the other and notice if your gut relaxes or tightens. Then make the right choice (and it could be chocolate) and experience how it feels to let your intuition guide you. That’s the part that will raise your self-esteem.