The term 'Soulseer' is a name that describes one who knows they are a soul living temporarily in a physical body. Their spirit body is very activated, often making them extremely sensitive, aware and connected to greater realities.  

I needed to find a word, a saying to describe the work that I did, as psychic, empath, to encompass it all.  One morning, I woke up hearing the word " Soulseer".  I knew it was given to me from Spirit to use as a term to describe myself and also those choosing a similar perspective and spiritual path for their lives. It's a loose, basic term, that some find useful. It's not a label, is an description to describe intuitive states of being in the world.


Here are some things I define a soulseer as.

  • A Soulseer is a seer who sees from soul to soul.

  • They know with certainty that our soul's presence is our true being, who we really are. When we say, "Namaste" to someone else we are doing this: " the soul in me says hello to the soul in you."  Or in Avatar when they say to each other, "I see you".

  • A Soulseer sees everything alive as bearing presence, having spirit and acknowledges and offers their soul's presence to it. Whether it be stone or infant or tree, a Soulseer communes with the other in a way that heals us all, and restores the Way, on all levels of life.

  • A Soulseer sees life from the perspective of the compassionate watcher, in our mind's eye.  This is where we also have 'mindfulness' and is also known as the 'Seat of the soul". Gary Zukav wrote a great book about this perspective.  René Descartes believed the pineal gland to be the "principal seat of the soul".

  • A Soulseer chooses to set their consciousness in the mind's eye, in the place of the watcher, beyond duality, neither for nor against, not caught(somewhat to mostly) up in the right and wrong, good or bad, dualities of reactive states of being.

  • A Soulseer is most likely an old soul, one who is ready to turn inward and heal all separation between them and their true nature.

  • A Soulseer has extended senses often known as psychic abilities and gifts. More than a clairvoyant or empath, they are capable of using all their perceptive abilities as a whole, guided by the intelligence of their soul.

  • A Soulseer often seems 'other worldly", framing life in a way that often is misunderstood by others.

  • A Soulseer is a Highly Sensitive person with the added dimensions of psychic sensitivities.

  • A Soulseer easily relates to animals, children and nature.

  • A Soulseer lives multi-dimensionally, whether they are conscious of it or not as they are open to other realms of being, that we live alongside.

  • A Soulseer is someone awake to their spirit as a living reality and seek mastery of their spiritual potential.

  • A Soulseer is probably you, if you find yourself here.