How to Visualize – step one

Basic visualization exercise


Some people are natural visualizers. Others aren’t. For some, holding a focus is something they can do while others attention span and ability to focus is one of a gnat. Wherever you find yourself when you practise focusing and visualization, well, that’s exactly where you accept yourself and start from.

Visualization in psychic development is associated with the mind’s eye. This is also called the third eye and is located above and in between your brow area. When you begin to activate it, you might feel a tingling sensation.  

To visualize, we have to shift from the wordy left brain to the visual right brain. This often includes the process of letting go of – ‘trying’ to simply ‘allowing’.  Because most of us are control freaks, sometimes tricking the part of us that resists letting go, needs to be outsmarted.

Here’s what I mean: DON’T THINK OF A RED APPLE.

We immediately ‘see’ one in our mind’s eye. Often with much more clarity than when we simply intend to visualize a red apple. Of course, that could just be about me, you try it. The subconscious mind doesn’t hear the don’t. It just hears – think of a red apple.

Advanced version 😉  repeat the exercise over and over again. Don’t think of a red apple. Do this throughout the day when you have spare moments.

Hmmm…notice how your attention span and ability to concentrate might really improve. The ramifications are humongous.

Practise with this until you get to a place when the ‘don’t’  fades away. You don’t care if you see or not. You have reached a neutral place. It’s the place of power.

Happy to help,

Sharon Leslie Soulseer

May 7th, 2019

This is the first in a series of basic psychic development exercises.

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