One can live life so fully when you are

simply  being yourself

About me and how I see you.

You are doing your best to  live fully from your Sacred self your Spirit. You want to explore your intuitive gifts, are transforming your life and healing all that separates you from your Spirit and Source. You want to step more fully into your authentic self, contribute your services to heal the world and yet, at times, are held back by your extraordinary sensitivities and your sane reactions to the crazy world make you retreat from it.

You want to develop and trust your perceptions as a multi-dimensional being. You want to rebond with your body and nature so that you can be a conduit for sacred earth. You want to be a force of good and love so that we all reawaken our hope.

You want to work with someone with experience, energy-based, shamanic earth based influenced, wise and a capable seer. You also know that  you need someone who has done tremendous spiritual development and deep healing work with herself, whose counselling and psychic skills are reliable, compassionate and allow her to tune in to you on all layers of your being and with all aspects of your spirit bodies.  It would be good to have support that you can trust and yet be urged past your fears and perceived limitations.

You are electric, eccentric and follow no one path. You find yourself open to where you spirit leads you with your feet in many worlds yet able to engage with your cosmic and inner realms and their beings.

Since 1984, I have been offering healings, psychic readings, teaching and spiritual counselling.  Now I am focussed on providing the support, insights and information so others called to being seers, healers and helpers find and enabled them to step into their   awakened selves.

Please take a look around and know that I am happy to speak with you if you are considering to work with me as your soulseer mento