Decongesting the Solar Plexus Chakra

You won't know really until you learn how to decongest your solar plexus chakra. 

A simple way of doing this is to focus on your upper tummy around your diaphragm which is where your third chakra is. Now imagine, visualize, that universal life force energy, Prana, cosmic energy whatever you want to call it - it's real and when you send an intention through your visualizing the energy body will begin to run energy.

Breathe in through the top of your head as you inhale all the way down to your solar plexus.As you breathe out, you begin to release the congestion by visualizing a column or spiral of energy, from your solar plexus and see/sense it going into a candle flame where it is neutralized. You may choose to light a real candle and place it in front of you.

Keep doing this as long as you want and perhaps a bit longer. When you feel finished, stop running the energy going out of your third chakra and now see it slowly building up in your belly when you exhale. Keep breathing in more vitality until you are 'full.'  

MP3 ~  4 minutes long

Cloud of 'Unknowing"

Beginning exercise

 Cloud of Unknowing

Energy is filled with information, emotional, thoughtforms and resonances. When you change your energy, through meditation, healing, therapy, energy work, you change yourself and your life. You see, your aura, is more of you than your physical body and everything you have gone through, believe and experienced.   More in PDF

PDF:   unknowingfc

Best way to sit whilst running energy.

Basic Sitting Pose for 'Running Energy'

 Meditation Pose for Running Energy

A beginner's understanding of how we sit in the Egyptian pose before we do psychic energy work  and run energy.

PDF:Meditation Pose for Running Energy

Centring In the Middle of the Head ~ Beginner

Patriarchal Clearing ~Energy Work and Going into Releasing Thoughtforms and Healing Self

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