Being Psychic as part of everyday life

She asked me about a lost hiker...

I tuned in and ‘got’ that he was dead. I saw him die from exposure  after a fall where his ankle was broken severely or perhaps caught between two huge rounded boulders. 

On a map, I saw him lost in the middle of the top half of Utah. I thought I would get back later to see what I got so that I could perhaps pinpoint the area where he was more, as his family was still looking for him.

I also talked to his spirit, tuned into his space. He seemed to be somewhat surprised his end happened that way, however, he wasn’t in shock or freaking out emotionally about it.  He was already regretting though…thinking he should have left things more finished, more wrapped up. 

We kinda sat on top of the boulders and talked, his spirit comfortable with the kind of communication he was having with another spirit he had never met. Nonchalant even.

I got that was the kind of character he was. There didn’t seem to be anyone he was leaving that he felt couldn’t go on without him. 

I left him and carried on with my day.

Today, I was told they had found his body.  

So technically, I used my clairvoyance, remote viewing, telepathy, mediumship and clairsentience, to connect with the situation.  flowing through and combining them as the information and images were channelled into my awareness. When I move into that energy, it comes with a detachment and a vibe that I trust what I get.

At the same time, I accept that in the psychic worlds – the astral, that things often are perceived differently, look somewhat different at times.  I have to give up having to be right, the more I do that, just pass along what I get, without needing approval or praise, the more I can be of service.

The most beautiful, joyous thing in such a situation is being able to bless the one who is passing over and help their way to the other side. To  watch them open to the reality of going into the Light, seeing teachers and loved ones greet them and for them to remember who they really are. 

I am open to do this more often in the future, I’ve decided.

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