Letting go of Fear

I have often told my granddaughter “Elfy, everyday we can choose to let go of a little bit of the fear we have, so we can feel better and happier in our lives”

As we step on our path, how we relate to our fear – our relationship to the fear we hold and react to – needs to be transformed into personal power.

As a psychic, we first connect in our bodies, where we are holding the fear that we are feeling in the moment, then “read’ the information it holds.

The information comes in pictures, memories, responses, voices (other peoples often) and beliefs.  We view them and awareness, understanding and soulutions comes to us. Then we face that fear by taking some kind of action that provokes it.

For example, if we have fear of being in the dark, and have to keep the lights and tv on all night, we accept that, forgive ourselves, and then begin to  take a chance each night by  turning down the volumne on the tv, or dimming the lights a bit. We also can build inner support by learning to meditate, do a visualization or putting our hands over our hearts and call in the healing angels.

As we let go of minor fears, by taking action and supporting ourselves whilst doing so, we gain authourity over our fear-based self. We become freer.

Often we need to heal our fears layer by layer. First responding to the incidental situations, and then as we become more self-aware delve deeper into our core beliefs and reaffirm our truths, heal our suffering and embrace ourselves more fully.