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For me, when I am at a crossroads in life, I have to stop a while and decide whether I will continue to follow through with my plan, whether I

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Receptive States

Only in a receptive state of mind can we let in.   If we are not in a receptive space and state of mind, its challenging to hear what people are

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Daily Spiritual Practise

I love the way many cultures have altars in their homes. That they grow up with holy rituals and offer sacred prayers to their Deities and the ancestors. Many others

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Why we Fear Ghosts

Perhaps we are suppose to respond with fear when we sense ghosts and other beings without bodies. We certainly have been conditioned to fear seeing anything paranormal, and quite frankly,

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Following my Path

I am well initiated into the path of Light. I spent decades studying eastern modalities of spirituality.  Through profound inner experiences I connected with the light, the bliss and was

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