Everyday Psychic cords

If you meet a friend on the street, or even after a phone call, its a good idea after ending the contact to think good thoughts about them, to bless them, or even repeat a mantra. Do this as you release the psychic connection (cords, aka strings, ties that bind) between them and you.  Bless and release, bless and release.

For you are both in each other’s space still and while the etheric and astral connections dissipate, stay in a positive space and broadcast positive vibes. It will benefit both of you and therefore the rest of us. Often after connecting with people, we go back to concerns we were thinking about or judgements about ourselves and perhaps them, and going over the interaction often processing stuff. Our thoughts and feelings continue to impact them whether they can pick up on them consciously or not. If they can, as telepaths and energy sensitives can, they might be wondering why they now feel unsure about the contact they had with you. They will filter it through their own beliefs and often end up feeling less than great. The same may go for you.

Come to think of it, the same goes with emails, texts and yes – facebook comments!

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