Yes, a type of investigation ensues. It takes the form of a collection of short biographies on such characters as Jake Gittes, Rick Blaine, and Harry Lime, written as if they were real people, and weaves a convoluted shared history of murder and intrigue. Find our best selection and offers online, with FREE Click & Collect or UK delivery. Film/Filmmaker in question: Kubrickian recluse Stanislas Cordova, whose daughter's suicide opens the novel. Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-and-Rock ‘N’ Roll Generation Saved Hollywood (1999) by Peter Biskind. ), On Film-making: An Introduction to the Craft of the Director (2005) by Alexander Mackendrick, edited by Paul Cronin, Alexander Mackendrick’s seminal volume on the craft of filmmaking has long been an industry standard text, and one that has helped countless individuals find their own cinematographic eye and achieve success in directing. Reading about Rodriguez’s journey offers aspiring filmmakers the useful opportunity to learn how to make a movie on the cheap from someone who has actually done it. The authors Clay and Troy address teens in their writing. It explains to filmmakers how they can go about making the correct color selections for their scenes. A tantalizing puzzlebox for even the most jaded film lover. 8 Directing Books Every Filmmaker Should Read. If It's Purple, Someone's Gonna Die. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise when a great filmmaker writes a great… Art Books Film Music TV. Making Movies was the first book to contextualize my passion for filmmaking, revealing just how much work goes into both the art and business of getting a movie made! Upon closer inspection, his films are found to utilize powerful subliminal imagery, possessing a technical proficiency that belies their categorization as trash. By Jason Bailey. Years later he is tracked down by an intrepid journalist (trope-a-dope), and only agrees to speak on record via the lens of the cinema he destroyed. Lumet wasn’t just a visionary–he was very much a workman, and believed having a clear, firm control of his set would lead to a smooth production that would allow everyone, from crew to cast, to do their best. Definitely some Flicker influence here, but also a healthy dose of David Cronenberg. Well, I recently discovered this seemingly tailor-written subgenre already exists. ), In the Blink of an Eye (2nd Edition, 2001) by Walter Murch. Or does he? His guerilla-style, ultra low-budget take on indie filmmaking is detailed in his book Rebel without a Crew, a must-read for filmmakers who don’t have millions of dollars at their disposal to make the movie of their dreams. Be warned, you're gonna need to take notes to remember who knows who in this gymnastic bit of storytelling. This volume contains twenty in-depth studies of prominent New Zealand directors, producers, actors, and cinematographers. Black Bear: Aubrey Plaza, One-Piece Bathing Suits and Acts of Creation. Her films attempt to tell and retell the story of Lady Midday, a super-creepy character from Slavic mythology. To leave a comment Login with Facebook or create a free account. Filmmaking Books are an important part of every filmmaker’s arsenal. Filmmakers. The Filmmaker’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age (2013 Edition) by Steven Ascher and Edward Pincus. April 16, 2013. Neon’s documentary Totally Under Control paints a devastating picture of the Trump administration’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. I want stories about films I've never seen, and probably never will. 1. What isn’t covered on the profession in this book could probably fit on the back of a postage stamp. Warner Bros. will compensate filmmakers for projects being released in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously in 2021. Yeah, someone else mentioned that to me. But enough names I respect have praised its intricacies, and I hope to revisit it one day soon. Create Hollywood-style movies of great power like a pro director. Share on WhatsApp, YouTube, Tik Tok & other social media! Film/Filmmaker in question: Little-known silent film star Hector man (there's that trope), who goes missing at the height of his fame in the 1920s. Years later, an investigation by a disgraced film journalist (trope) ensues. This fascinating book gives us a unique insight into the challenges faced in production, to those who acted as inspirations to the filmmakers. The 20 Best Books on Filmmaking. Evidence suggests there is a strong link between success and reading. Even if you're just a casual filmgoer, I guarantee at least one of these books will dim the lights in the theater of your mind and transport you to another world. from New York is reading, The 10 Best Sci-Fi Books That Should Be Box Office Blockbusters, Behold! Stories about films that could never exist in the real world. The Best Books by Great Filmmakers. Top Filmmaking Books are not affiliated with Universal Studios or Harvard University. Something about it didn't quite grab me. Obviously influenced by Flicker, Night Film is none-the-less an immensely readable story, which creates a fascinating mythology of its own. From start to finish, this truly is one of the most comprehensive books ever written – and frequently updated – on the art and science of directing. Another must-read for either those at filmmaking school or looking to make a career hop over to the director’s seat. Film/Filmmaker in question: Max Castle, a little-know B movie director with ties to an obscure religious sect who disappears at sea in 1941. Yes, an investigation by a down-on-his-luck/disgraced writer type ensues. These must-read books for filmmakers and videographers can give you an edge in our competitive industry. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if examples exist that date back to the birth of cinema itself. Here’s what’s worth reading. These are great reads for almost any level of filmmaker, so consider checking them out. Film/Filmmaker in question: A cache of rare films, burned by a respected University librarian with a long name, who subsequently disappears. How To Shoot a Feature Film For Under $10,000 is guaranteed to revolutionize your approach to problem solving (and hopefully make you a much better filmmaker in the process. My introduction to this so-called genre, although certainly not the first of its kind. Okay, technically this one isn't about fictional films or filmmakers. House of Leaves is about so much more than The Navidson Record, but the film is a great hook that supports the weight of the hefty narrative that follows. Filmmaking Books You Need to Read - Top Ten List 1) Rebel without a Crew by Robert Rodriguez This is one of the first filmmaking books I read at film school and is still one of the best ever The list of filmmaking books that all filmmakers need to have on their book shelves. Like many of the books on this list, Illusions is inherently a mystery, albeit a more literary one. Roman Polanski is a Polish film director, producer, writer and actor. Roman Polanski was born in Paris in 1933. BEST BOOKS ON SCREENWRITING 10. So the book gave me a lot to consider in many phases of the filmmaking process. In this case the cinematic trappings act as a sort of Macguffin for a more introspective exploration of character. The book takes you through every stage of making a movie, from writing to filming to editing and beyond. There are only so many hours in the day, people! The Education of the Filmmaker in Europe, Australia, and Asia Mette Hjort No preview available - 2013. There's a few "ask your teacher/parent" kind of lines. One: it is distinctly Canadian. This is a much more noir-ish tale than The Book of Illusions (and not nearly as surreal as Days Between Stations). Legendary director Sidney Lumet, whose credits include Twelve Angry Men , Dog Day Afternoon , and The Verdict , guides the reader through the filmmaking process in a friendly and approachable way. Its cinematic world is not nearly as expansive as the one in Flicker or Night Film, and doesn't expand beyond the making of the titular film, but it contains some well drawn Hollywood characters and is a fun read none-the-less. Even if you’re at the top of your game or currently getting hands-on at an intensive filmmaking school program, it can pay dividends to do some additional learning behind the scenes. Books; Features; 10 Essential Books For Aspiring Filmmakers That Are Not About Filmmaking. It especially serves as inspiration for how, as the book’s back covers says, “creativity — not money — is used to solve problems.” Easy Riders, Raging Bulls. Robert Rodriguez’’s ‘ Rebel without a crew’ 2… From Aristotle’s Poetics to Iravati Karve’s Yugant – a series of books that can be of great help in understanding the WHYs of filmmaking and add multiple dimensions to the craft (Sound familiar?). Still, Auster builds an immersive cinematic world for his characters to inhabit, and he makes it look too damn easy. © 2016 LitReactor, LLC | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service, Joshua Chaplinsky GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Film/Filmmaker in question: Long lost silent film Angel of the Abyss, a risque piece of arthouse horror from the 1920s. Most of these titles have been thoughtfully recommended by friends and students. Which ones are worth your time? 9 Essential Books on Filmmaking and Directing, How to Shoot a Feature Film for Under $10,000, Get Payday Loans and Cash Advances Online, Have You or an Immediate Family Member Served in the U.S. As a thought-provoking treatise on the practicalities and aesthetics of cutting film, In the Blink of an Eye is a book everyone who works in editing should read. by Peter Biskind Share: Like many of the books on … As this is one of the earliest examples I found of this type of book, this is where we start to go down the rabbit hole of who-influenced-who? Home • Student Services • NYFA Online Store • Jobs • Privacy Policy • Site Map There exists a group of purists who would not want to pick anything that comes out of a series, but written by Bryan Michael Stoller, this book packs the potential and image that it has gained over the years in a variety of domains, and ultimately, it does come with a promise to make a filmmaker out of anyone . A harrowingly sexy investigation. It's a fictional story about fictional characters from ACTUAL films. Maybe it was yours as well? The Filmmaker’s Handbook Find more information about: ISBN: 1590185986 9781590185988: OCLC Number: 55597178: The following is a summary of the best filmmaking books written by filmmakers, for filmmakers. Definite mainstream appeal, here. “In her Voice” is such a refreshing read because all too often we read and hear about the work of male directors while female filmmakers and their films are casually brushed to the side. Having made films in Poland, Britain, France and the USA, he is considered one of the few truly international filmmakers. An investigation ensues. What Would Books Look Like If Big Publishing Collapsed? More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at 1 Brooklyn, Thuglit, Severed Press, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, Clash Books, Pantheon Magazine and Broken River Books. This book provides a unique look at the world of documentary and deserves space on your shelf. Enter disgraced journalist Scott McGrath. Legendary director Sidney Lumet didn’t see filmmaking as magic, so this magician was more than happy to share his secrets. Authors have been exploring this territory for at least the last fifty years, with output ramping up significantly since the new millennium. But after the third or fourth book I started to understand I wasn't the only one fascinated by faux film mythology and cinematic mysteries of the unsolved kind. Very nice work!”—Larry Jordan, Award-winning Producer, director and trainer “You need this book. So it stands to reason I would love fiction about film. Was Stanislas involved in some sort of cult? Despite the inclusion of several familiar tropes, Experimental Film stands out for a number of reasons. 3. There's also the earlier 'Ancient Images' by Ramsey Campbell  about the search for a lost British Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi film 'Tower of Fear'. When several reels of the film are unearthed, an investigation into what happened to the rest, as well as the disappearance of its lead actress, Grace Baron, ensues. Filmmaker Biographies. This makes for a very conversational tone which works well. Buy Individual film directors & film-makers books from today. Whitcomb disappears under mysterious circumstances (check), her films are of the silent variety (double check), and an investigation by a film critic/journalist ensues (check and mate).