Some ways I offer healing

They say that the Creator doesn’t make anyone without giving them a gift or two. One of the gifts the Creator gave me is my ability to offer healing.  At the beginning of me offering my healing abilities to others, I thought I needed to ‘legit’ it by signing up and learning many different ways and modalities of healing in order to be credible in the world. I see now that I needed the support to trust myself and understand what it was all about.  Now its more simple, I find myself working with Spirit, with intuitive insight and streaming the good stuff. Work smart and not hard, as they say. 

However, I want to share some of the styles and formats, background grids so to speak of my training and experience so that you understand where I am coming more fully and perhaps learn a thing or two about being healed, healing and working with the Divine Energy of All That Is.

All healing is self healing, I am merely a conduit of lifeforce, love and a lot of experience.

My discovery
of "Faith Healing"

My first experience of being a channel of healing was in a miraculous incident back in 1982.  My two year old son Brian, had grabbed his sippy cup from the top of the table. Reaching up for it, he didn’t know my brother had just poured boiling water into the plastic cup,  to make himself instant coffee.

Brian screamed when his chest was scalded, and I quickly pulled off his shirt and pulled him into my arms. I demanded to God, that if such a thing as healing existed then let me do it now.  I sat down as Brian squirmed and screamed. I put my hands on his chest and he calmed and looked into my eyes.  His soul shone into mine in an ageless gaze. I still remember that so clearly, as he was such an active child, and rarely held eye contact  for long.

Soon after, not longer than a few minutes he got up and ran off. His chest wasn’t even red.

I was in awe, and so relieved he was no longer in pain, and yet, almost instantly I began rationalizing. The water probably wasn’t hot enough to really scald him. He was fine. I was pathetically trying to be special. Probably just wanted to make my brother feel bad for using the cup and leaving it where Brian could get it. I was so, very, very, hard on myself in those days.

I found myself scratching my wrist. Looking at it I saw that my wrist and lower arm had water filled blisters on it. 

I showed my brother, and he was speechless. If I hadn’t known that he did see then and was my witness, I would have not believed it happened at all. I would have made it ‘not real’  soon after.  Back then, I was pretty shattered, I so denied my psychic and intuitive nature, so overwhelmed by it, I continuously pushed the wonders of my spirit back into oblivion, thinking I had to, to keep my sanity.

Within moments after, the blisters were gone.

Soon after, I continued with my day, being a single mother of two boys under 6, and they were good, special times with them, despite my poverty and broken heart.  However, my whole life changed in that experience, it shifted everything and brought the experiences to me, one by one, that healed me and helped me remember so much – the perfect miracle in progress that I am.