Do you see from your Soul's Perspective?

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Are you a Soulseer?

There are certain souls that are born with great sensitivity to the energy fields surrounding all things, on all levels of life, and on all planes of creation. These beings often find life on planet earth quite challenging. Too often they have lives where their sensitivity is judged as being weak and they are often told their visions, perceptions and reactions are imaginary and even hallucinatory. Or the worse, that they simply don’t experience, feel and see what they do.

To be told that you are “making things up” or that “it isn’t real” is very traumatic for such a sensitive child. If the child perceives, hears or knows things they have no way of knowing, they are often punished, feared and seen as not sane.

Often those gifted with extraordinary psychic senses have tremendous access to their subconscious and even more, to the collective unconscious, of all that is to various degrees. They are often creatives, exquisitely emotional sensitive and have minds that think beyond the grid in unique and original ways. They, from birth, have had an innate knowing that they are spirits in bodies and thus see deeply past the veneer of personality and into the souls of others and of all things.

They are what is know as “old souls”. They come with their wisdom, their collected experience, talents and knowledge from many lifetimes here on earth and elsewhere.

This Soulseers website offers what I can to educate, support and share what it is like being one of these beings. It is also for everyone else. It is my school of spiritual training offering classes, eBooks and recordings and it will always have plenty of information and lots of material freely given.

I have been counselling, healing and teaching skills to “psychic sensitives” for over thirty years, and know this information is needed and timely. I hope to share what I have learned in participating in thousands of sessions, classes and healings. So that they can feel encouraged, stronger in themselves and find their place in the world.

Each of us has their own unique sacred path to coming in union with ourselves. I call myself a mentor as I see my job is to help you access your own experiences, helping you to understand your abilities and showing you how to heal yourself, your life and become more of your greater self. We need you to thrive and the world so needs you and your gifts, that only you can contribute.

I welcome your participation. I dearly hope that you will.

Nobody likes or deserves labels, so this book’s intention is not to hand you yet another one. This book is for those, who want to understand their energy sensitive, profoundly empathic and deep seeing natures, mainly because they are old souls.

For over thirty years of being a psychic, healer and spiritual counsellor, I often had a challenging time describing what I did because it was so experiential and at times – unexplainable. One day I woke up hearing the word, ‘Soulseer’ in my head.

Although I knew it was straight from spirit, I still recoiled from the cheesiness of it. It took me a long while to use it to describe myself and admit it really fit. Then I got older and it didn’t matter to me what anyone thought about it or me, anymore, so I started using it.  

I also use it because currently, the term Empath is used to cover a lot of people both with varying degrees of sensitivity to others, sounds, smells, light and negativity and energetically sensitive and psychically gifted. Life can be overwhelming because of it and often empaths and psychics retreat and isolate because of the pain they are in.



  1. Would others say you were always old for your age?
  2. Do you automatically merge with others?
  3. Can you feel what others are feeling
  4. Do you receive information beyond your understanding when you connect with others?
  5. Is it challenging for you to stay in your body?
  6. Are you anxious and depressed?
  7. Do you think you suffer from a sensitivity disorder?
  8. Are you often comfortable in you own skin?
  9. Are you supersensitive to sensations on your skin?
  10. Is it easier for you to be in other than in your own being?
  11. Do answers to deep questions come to you effortlessly?
  12. Do you have a deep sense of knowing, without knowing how you know?
  13. Can you sense unseen things, spirits, energies
  14. Do you need a lot of time alone?
  15. Has your life been hard, with many challenging experiences?
  16. Are you aware of your longing? Yet, do not know what it might be about?
  17. Do you love the earth, yet, still think you are not from the Earth?
  18. When you need space do you need the whole place?
  19. Are you on your healing journey, actively transforming yourself?
  20. Do you lean towards extremes both in yourself and the world?
  21. Do others see you all over the place? Ungrounded?
  22. Are you really hard on yourself? Expect a lot of yourself and saint like behavior?
  23. Because you feel so deeply, merge so completely, see so fully, and know a lot of the time, how others suffering could be diminished, think its your job to fix others, or things, to do something about everything?
  24. Extremely connected to nature and animals…
  25. Are you a infj or enfP
  26. You feelings are deep and often expressive
  27. You are very self aware and seek to become more so. You study and see life as a journey of self-discovery.
  28. Because you notice everything, you have to process at least three more times of information than others.
  29. Making you easily overwhelmed.
  30. Making you very detailed and perfectionistic. You know what your vision is and nothing feels right until its manifested.
  31. You get over stimulated easily.
  32. Because you are often the most aware, most adult and have power and presence, you often take of situations and take on responsibilities that aren’t your own.
  33. Detachment comes naturally to you if you cultivate it
  34. Very reactive learn detachment. As the higher self grows more embodied.
  35. Lost in fantasy and avoidance
  36. Flip flop on decisions
  37. Like to work/be alone.
  38. Tune in easily and sense others emotions or feel them in their body empath def
  39. Telepathic
  40. Sense spirits
  41. Vibes, auras
  42. Know what is real and what is fake.
  43. Is often inherited
  44. Recognizes shifts, changes in energy, arrival of presences, or thoughtforms
  45. Have gone through or are going through a dark night of the soul.
  46. Are sensitive to changes in weather, air pressure
  47. Sense of being watched all the time, but in a neutral or good way.
  48. Have paranormal experiences
  49. not like crowds
  50. peopleapproach to dump
  51. need own life and work
  52. creativite
  53. feel like a burden
  54. highly sensitive
  55. paranormal experiences
  56. have a mission
  57. felt like outsider
  58. vivid dreamer
  59. telepathic
  60. tinnitus sufferer
  61. wise and understanding
  62. awareness
  63. reject trendy/popular trends
  64. not superficial
  65. can let go , distance emotion, release toxic people in life
  66. awareness creates isolation
  67. no one understands them
  68. loner, social misfit, outcast
  69. makes decisions on feelings
  70. fun in nature, alone ,
  71. sees infinite possibilities
  72. searching for home
  73. full of longing and restlessness often
  74. no interest in the mundane or the social.
  75. Not liked by others bc you are strange to them, they feel uncomfortable with you.
  76. Live a value based life rather than material one
  77. Experience life as a holographic reality where every choice or decision is infinite and relative to the moment.
  78. Need freedom in everyway,
  79. Often fearless due to not fearing death as the end of self.
  80. Often joyful, innocent spirit nature bc connected to inner bliss
  81. Detached to material stuff
  82. Act from body/mind/spirit as one or is working on it, trust what they “get’.
  83. difficult for old souls to feel like they have a home in this world.
  84. Look to the core issue/problem
  85. Speak their truth yet in a way we can hear it and not be hurt by it
  86. Few friends, need to be met on the level they perceive shy away from friendship bc they don’t want the other to feel shallow or insignificant.
  87. People find them intense, they don’t
  88. Constantly introspecting, critically thinking, processing and musing.
  89. Conscious life demands creating life and determining destiny.
  90. No fear of authority, yet act to not cause themselves complications.
  91. High expectation of their character and others.
  92. More open to change, evolving and achieving their awareness goals.
  93. Spiritual development is number one goal in life through gnosis.
  94. Constant learners, knowledge is power.
  95. Highly adaptable to people, places and situations.
  96. See how crazy people, rules and everything is and question and teach.
  97. Resist conditioning, often not finishing school, or job, doing well only if and as long as its interesting to them
  98. Are authentic, can see through the masks and defences of others and have excellent Bullshit Detectors.
  99. Safe to be around for animals, children who connect deeply with them. 
  100. See the soul of others ~ can meet another Soulseer and experience an auric soul merging that is phenomenal.