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Wonderful hand made pillow blessed with prayers and filled with good energy. They are a wonderful customized gift for ailing people, pregnant women, anxious animals and of course, your own dear sweet being. 

The pillows are about 8″X 10″   ~ $147 includes Thrice Blessed Oil, ebook, customized charging and healing audio

The flannelette is pre-washed and the outer flannelette pillow is washable. 

Each pillow contains an inner pillow stuffed with soft cotton baton.

It also holds one amethyst, one jade stone and one pink quartz stone. Each stone has been specifically charge with healing vitality, lifeforce and customized intention. The Jade stone is for physical healing and strengthening, the pink quartz is for emotional healing and is charged with love. The amethyst has had Divine Light and Peace channelled into it. 

The outer case is made with beautiful raw silk which contains the charge and healing energies in the flannelette pillow.

The pillow can be used to heal and energize until it feels neutral. it will always hold good energy though. I am happy to recharge it via long-distant healing, and offer online ways you can recharge it yourself. 

The pillows are non-refundable, however, please let me know if you are not satisfied with your experience and we will work something out.

I would also appreciate your experience and recommendation if that is something you want to contribute.

Of course this is an energetic experience, a spiritual healing modality and it’s up to you to intuit if it’s right for you. Know that my alignment with my spiritual allies, guides, healing angels and the Creator is essential to me and i answer, so to speak, to them. Integrity means all to me. 

For more information on my healing experience please go here:

For more uses and details about the pillows go here:

Blessings are good wishes, prayers, invocations, spells, affirmations, healing given to others, to places, to animals to situations and places in the world even. When we bless or are blessed the strength of our intention is matched by our ability to offer it with purity, love and as a channel of the Divine. You have seen the Dalai Lama kiss and bless scarves, the Pope does that too. Deities of all religious beliefs give ‘boons’ to those who serve them or who ask or who deserve them. We give blessings to flowers with our heartfelt love, to babies with our joy and to the sick with our compassion. The energy that we are, carries our intention and consciousness, our feelings and thoughts and when direction with conscious blessing can truly heal heal, awaken and at times – perform miracles. Many of us are taught that it is not our place to have the power to performs Blessings. Nothing could be further from the truth, as we all are drops of the infinite ocean of Spirit. This sacred pillow is blessed and prayed over, concentrated streams of different resonances of healing energies are put into it to offer comfort, healing and support. Of course you too can add your own healing and blessing powers into the pillow – for yourself or for someone that you will offer the pillow to. Instructions to do so, soon available

It is an ancient and global tradition to bless items and offer them to others. Everything is energy and energy is imprinted with its vibrations into physical and nonphysical patterns and things. The sacred custom of people, praying and anointing Holy Relics with their prayers and devotion filled the icons with love and energy. They become sorta like storage batteries for good vibes, love and healing. Then devotees, at times of need would seek healing, blessings, a boon, from the same icon and take from it some of its stored energy and good vibes. So, with the pillows I pour vitality, healing and specific prayers and blessings into it for the purpose of assisting you in times of low energy, emotional depletion and spiritual disconnection. You don’t even have to feel the energy physically for it to work, however, you do have to be open to receiving it. Here’s a way to be more willing to receive good, love and energy.

JADE – First flow is for the physical body 

– the powerful lifeforce also known as prana, chi and vitality. For regeneration, physical healing and soothing comfort. Think of a hot wattle bottle full of healing life-force energy.

            PINK QUARTZ – Second stream is for the mind.This includes the mental and emotional self located at the heart

– of course this is unconditional love which lifts the weary soul, comforts the often overwhelmed human being and fills the heart and astral body so that we are more open to letting in support and love.

AMETHYST – Third stream is Divine Light and it is for connecting with Spirit.

This is the light of consciousness that realigns us with our unique spiritual path, opens us to the healing power of cosmic energy and deepens our ability to live life from our Higher Selves.

Like the symbolism of sweetgrass and its three strands, we are stronger and unified when the body, mind and spiritual are all working as one.


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