Simple Tulip Meditation

Tulip Meditation – Simple version

1. Be in a quiet, safe place. On your in breath scrunch your shoulders to your ears and then on the out breath, shrug them down and then pushing your arms down a bit further. Relax further until you feel restful yet awake.

2. In your mind’s eye begin to see a tulip. This tulip represents you and your aura. You may see it for only a moment, coming and going in a flash, quickly fading away, but know that its there. Learning to visualize is a learnt skill.

3. Take time to create the petals, one at a time.

4. Imagine feeling them with your fingers, going along the edge of them.

5. Smell the tulip’s freshness; sense how alive and how much it is streaming with vitality.

6. Bring the tip of your tongue to the blossom as if to taste it.

7. Look down into it as a bee might do before landing on its pollen rich stamens.

8. Now be like that bee and create a mini you standing inside the tulip.

9. Notice the inside the tulip from the perspective of the mini you, and see the tulip petals around you glowing, iridescent, translucent, full of colour and lifeforce.

10. Open the petals up somewhat and let them bask in spring orchard sunlight. Absorb that soft solar healing energy, into the petals, into the space between the petals and you and then into you.

11. Like any miracle of nature, you are connected to the earth below. So, now take a look at as you visualize the green juicy hollow stem holding the tulip blossom that goes down to the earth, roots in a bulb and reaches out with hairy roots.

12. Imagine bringing up the earth’s vitality into the stem, moving energy full of regenerative life. Sense, see and know that it coming up into the tulip blossom. You might notice the tulip petals becoming more luscious, thicker and colourful. You might sense the energy coming into your actual legs and throughout your body.

13. Continue to release down into the hollow space of the stem any congestion and old energy. Yes, you can do that, energy follows intent. Change the energy – change the state of being.

14. Continue this cycle of bringing up into you this fresh new earth energy and dumping out old, spent and congested energy for as long as you want.

15. It’s a simple natural cycle. You can even coordinate with your breath, dumping down and out on your out breath and breathing in new lifeforce as you pull up, suck up all that earth energy.

16. The more you practice doing this, the more real and constant it will become in your life/body. Whether you are consciously ‘running’ the energy or not.

17. Continue as long as you want.

You now have a more contained, flowing grounded aura with you – your body is interpenetrated by it. Practice and enjoy.

Simple way
Sharon Leslie Wilson
March 26, 2019

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