Take it Down to the Creek & Pound it Clean on the Rocks

Once I was fortunate enough to attend a teaching on women’s ways, by an Iroquois Medicine Carrier who I knew as Gylendalas. She spoke of the power of words, to both create and to destroy. Each word we use is a thoughtform combined with our beliefs attached to it, our feelings and experiences.

Much of what we say in the words we use is loaded with conditioning. How can it not be? Conditioning is all the meaning, mostly fear-based that we accepted from others as truths. We have spent our lifetimes so far reacting to others and our world from those beliefs systems. (BS)

We have to take the meaning we put into our words, one by one, down to the creek and pound them clean on the rocks. We strip them bear of any meaning. We release the ownership of others in our space and free ourselves from the ‘sins’ of the past. (shame and guilt mostly for being miracles in progress) We let go so we can discover our own truths and meanings to the word. We wear that word and put our own energy into it and build on the power in our words. We grow in presence as we do so and then we are more able to speak our truth and stand in our convictions.

This is all part of the ‘Great Undoing” the letting go of our conditioning and freeing our minds, hearts and beings from the mass consciousness reality grids and become empowered conscious individuals.


Here is an example and how to pound words clean on the rocks.

The word power

  1. Say the word in your mind and say it out loud
  2. What beliefs come up when you do so?
  3. Write them down
  4. Do you want to own your own meaning of ‘power’?
  5. Write down what that might look like, what it is for you.
  6. Do you disown your own power because you see it as power over rather than dominion within?
  7. Who and what gave you your conditioning around the word power?
  8. What memories and experiences taught you that meaning?
  9. Where might you be unhealed or traumatized in those memories?
  10. Can you lovingly go back to those places, one at a time, with your compassionate adult self?
  11. Define your new meaning (for now) of the word.
  12. Imagine your life continuing with your own meaning of the word supporting you throughout your day, growing in awareness and …ahem…power.

What words deplete your energy because of the meaning you attach to them? Love some comments.


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