I finally found myself in Ireland in June 2017 and I returned home a changed being. It brought out the best and the worst of me. I returned exhausted, full of experiences and energies that I still am   to shifting through, integrating and releasing what no longer serves me.  I intend to head back in the autumn for another round at it.

Before I do that, I want to pour so much into words and offer them to others, with similar natures and intentions, to perhaps learn from and make their lives easier. 

I still experience my gifts as rare, my sensitivities to all realms at all times all that I know life to be as, and my strength of character that being a grandmother, a mother to sons and many, many daughters who have sought support and healing from me grounding it all. 

I enter the last third of this lifetime having down much service, offered myself as purely as I could at the time, and now intend to bundle it up and open, finally, my Soulseer’s academy.

I will finish the books, articles and channelling that I’m working with, as I continue to finally learn to draw and paint.  I love my life, I enthusiastically live it and am exciting about the day ahead. My greatest healing has of course been learning to love myself, and I can truly say, helping others to do so as well, has been the biggest gift in my life. 

You don’t get older without grieving the times you didn’t dance, sing and run down the beach on a windy day. Instead of getting a smaller, more comfort zoned life, I’m determined, and have been living so, to expand my life, explore many place and delve deeper into the calling that has beckoned me all of this lifetime.