Sharon Leslie Soulseer

Mystical & Mundane Skills
for those who see from their souls

I can show you how to access & own your spiritual power.

I Teach

We live in an energetic reality. Learning how to interpret what you perceive is an essential part of mastering life to those who see from soul. Learn how to do this.

I Mentor

through offering individual sessions  , small groups in person or online sessions, customized lessons and with information I offer in various forms.

I Heal

 For the last thirty years I have mostly done healing work with people. Trained in many modalities, initiated in other ones, I now simply get out of the way and let Healing  come through me from Source Spirit.

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Recordings & Transcripts

Recordings of meditations, energy exercises and information.  Unorganized for now, however they are being added to weekly.   


to understand how energy works,  what spirit is and gaining sovereignty in your own life.